Implicit Bias Training in California

This course satisfies the requirement for 1 hour of implicit bias for California nurses.

According to the California Board of Nursing, beginning January 1, 2023, a licensee, within the first 2 years of holding their license, must complete 1 hour of direct participation in an implicit bias course offered by an approved continuing education provider.

Renew Now CE is an approved provider through the California Board of Nursing, provider ID CEP 17292. Verification of approved educational providers can be done using the DCA License Search. 

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What needs to be in the 1 hour Implicit Bias Training?

Implicit bias training shall include all of the following:

(A) Identification of previous or current unconscious biases and misinformation.

(B) Identification of personal, interpersonal, institutional, structural, and cultural barriers to inclusion.

(C) Corrective measures to decrease implicit bias at the interpersonal and institutional levels, including ongoing policies and practices for that purpose.

(D) Information on the effects, including, but not limited to, ongoing personal effects, of historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression of minority communities.

(E) Information about cultural identity across racial or ethnic groups.

(F) Information about communicating more effectively across identities, including racial, ethnic, religious, and gender identities.

(G) Discussion on power dynamics and organizational decision-making.

(H) Discussion on health inequities within the perinatal care field, including information on how implicit bias impacts maternal and infant health outcomes.

(I) Perspectives of diverse, local constituency groups and experts on particular racial, identity, cultural, and provider-community relations issues in the community.

(J) Information on reproductive justice.