California Nurses Required to Complete Implicit Bias Continuing Education (CE)

On January 1, 2023, The California Board of Nursing began requiring a licensee within the first 2 years of holding their license to complete 1 hour of direct participation in an implicit bias course offered by an approved continuing education provider. Verification of approved educational providers can be done using the DCA License Search.

Join your California nurse colleagues who have completed this highly rated course: 1-hour Implicit Bias CE provided by Renew Now CE, an approved provider by the CA Board of Nursing CEP17292.

Transform Your View With Our California Implicit Bias CE

Our implicit bias course for nurses covers a wide range of topics, including the science behind implicit bias, recognizing bias, self-reflection, power dynamics in medicine, health inequalities, corrective measures, and effective communication strategies. 

Our training is rooted in the latest research and best practices for implicit bias education and is led by experienced professionals with a a personal understanding of the unique challenges faced by nurses in today’s healthcare environment.

The California Board of Nursing specifically states this about the Implicit Bias Requirement:

Beginning January 1, 2023, those licensees shall complete one hour of direct participation in an implicit bias course offered by a continuing education provider approved by the board that meets all the same requirements outlined in paragraph (1) of subdivision (e) of Section 2786, including, but not limited to, the identification of the licensees previous or current unconscious biases and misinformation and corrective measures to decrease implicit bias at the interpersonal and institutional levels, including ongoing policies and practices for that purpose.

The Board recognizes the regulatory language at Title 16 CCR 1452 needs to be updated to reflect this new requirement and plans to bring proposed text before the Full Board for their approval at the February Board meeting. Once the text is approved, Board staff will move forward with submitting a regular rule making package to the Office of Administrative Law in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. The rule making process can take up to one year to complete, so in the meantime please defer to the statutory language in BPC Section 2811.5 regarding implicit bias training. Last accessed June 6, 2023.